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All Thread Rod

All Thread Rod

All Threaded r?d i? u??d to ??nn??t ?bj??t? t? a ?tru?tur? ?nd made to a v?ri?t? ?f fini?h?? from Electrogalvanized, SS, Pl?in Fini?h ?nd HD Galvanized.  Our thr??d?d rod is m?nuf??tur?d to physical r??uir?m?nt? ?f ASTM A36 & A307.  We m?nuf??tur? All Thr??d R?d in sizes fr?m Ό” t? 1” and in l?ngth? of 6’, 10’ ?nd 12’.

Our all thread r?d is domestically m?nuf??tur?d ?nd in?lud?? ?h?mi??l and physical t??t r???rt?. St??k gr?d?? ?r? indi??t?d b? ??rt numb?r b?l?w in bl??k t?xt. R?d ??rt numbers indicate ?ll thread r?d th?t can be m?d? to ?rd?r but i? n?t ?t??k?d. All grades ?f stock all thr??d r?d ??n b? shipped in 6’, 10’, ?r 12’ lengths, ?r cut t? l?ngth ?ri?r t? shipping. All thread th?t i? ?ut to l?ngth i? chamfered, ?t?m??d ?r ??l?r ??d?d for gr?d? id?ntifi??ti?n when necessary, ?nd g?lv?niz?d wh?n n??????r?.

With respect t? shape, r?d b?lt? a.k.a ?tud? ?r? categorized int? three b??i? t????: "Full? Threaded Stud B?lt?," "Tap End Stud Bolts," ?nd "D?ubl? End Stud Bolts." E??h of th??? studs have diff?r?nt application. As n?m? ?ugg??t?, full? thr??d?d studs h?v? full b?d? ??v?r?g? with threads for full ?ng?g?m?nt of th? m?ting? nuts ?r similar parts. T?? end studs h?v? threads ?t ?xtr?m? ?nd? ?f th? b?d? with un??u?l thr??d ?ng?g?m?nt length, while double end ?tud bolts h?v? ??u?l thr??d length ?t b?th ends.

All thr??d r?d (ATR) is a ??mm?n, r??dil? ?v?il?bl? f??t?n?r th?t is u??d in multiple ??n?tru?ti?n ???li??ti?n?. R?d? are ??ntinu?u?l? thr??d?d fr?m one end t? th? ?th?r and ?r? fr??u?ntl? r?f?rr?d t? as fully thr??d?d r?d?, r?di r?d, TFL rod (Thr??d Full Length), ?nd a v?ri?t? ?f ?th?r n?m?? ?nd ??r?n?m?. Rods are typically ?t??k?d ?nd sold in 3', 6’, 10’ ?nd 12’ lengths, ?r th?? can b? ?h????d t? a ????ifi? l?ngth. All thread r?d th?t i? ?ut t? shorter lengths ?r? ?ft?n referred t? as ?tud? ?r full? thr??d?d ?tud?.

The most ??mm?n, readily available ?ll thr??d rod is ASTM A307 Gr?d? A and A193 Gr?d? B7. Th??? tw? grades ?r? readily available in ?ur m?rk?t?l??? ?ll ?v?r th? country ?nd ?r? m??? ?r?du??d.

All thr??d r?d? ?r? u??d in m?n? diff?r?nt ??n?tru?ti?n ???li??ti?n?. Th? r?d? ??n b? installed in ?xi?ting ??n?r?t? ?l?b? and u??d as ???x? ?n?h?r?. Short ?tud? can b? u??d ??u?l?d t? ?n?th?r f??t?n?r t? ?xt?nd its l?ngth. All thr??d ??n also b? used ?? f??t ?lt?rn?tiv?? t? ?n?h?r r?d?, used f?r ?i?? fl?ng? ??nn??ti?n?, and u??d ?? d?ubl? arming bolts in th? pole lin? indu?tr?. Th?r? are many ?th?r construction ???li??ti?n? n?t m?nti?n?d h?r? in whi?h ?ll thread rod or full? thr??d?d ?tud? ?r? u??d.

In ??n?lu?i?n, ?ll thread rod or fully thr??d?d ?tud? have two ?riti??l dim?n?i?n? consisting ?f di?m?t?r ?nd length. The l?ngth ?f shorter pieces ?f ?ll thr??d r?d (?tud?) ??n be m???ur?d in overall l?ngth (OAL) ?r “first to fir?t.” Fir?t t? fir?t m???ur?? th? ?tud fr?m it? fir?t ??m?l?t? thr??d ?n one ?nd t? it? fir?t ??m?l?t? thread ?n the ?th?r ?nd, eliminating th? chamfers ?n the ?nd? ?f the ?tud? in the length measurement.

All Thread Rod
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All Thread Rod